Astrological associations with the Tarot: New and improved!

I recently put up a video on my YouTube channel about astrological associations with the tarot. I’ve always really like the additional structure and depth astrology lends to the tarot, but there were certain traditional associations that I didn’t get along with. And this makes sense when you consider that the traditional associations–that is, those established by the Golden Dawn–are associated with the Kabbalah–because of course it is, it’s the Golden Dawn. And though there’s probably a lot to it and I might end up finding stuff I like within it, I’ve never been especially interested in the Kabbalah. And really, there’s no reason that an astrological connection with the tarot needs to be done through the lens of the Kabbalah anyway. Instead, I want to associate astrology with the tarot utilizing a Hellenistic lens, since that’s the system of astrology I prefer to use.

After more than a year of dedicated fiddling, I’ve finally come up with the changes I want to make to the astrological associations with the tarot’s major arcana. I have a lot more I could say on any one of these associations, but for now I’ve put them in this simple chart for use as reference. The keywords are meant to briefly represent the shared aspects of the tarot card and my astrological association and are certainly not comprehensive!

I would be very interested to see more connections between astrology and tarot that utilize different perspectives–how about associations based on Vedic astrology? Or Chinese astrology? (Actually I’m also pretty into Chinese astrology, and it would certainly make for some interesting connections… hm, maybe I’ve got another project on my hands…)

Tarot cardGolden Dawn associationMy associationMy keywords
The FoolUranus or Elemental AirNullEssential emptiness, detachment, ataraxia, freedom from the self and presumptions
The MagicianMercuryIntellect, discovery, mastery, humor
The High PriestessThe MoonVenusSensitivity, awareness, personal power, intuition, the veil, the light-bringer, beauty
The EmpressVenusThe EarthCreativity, foundation, family, abundance of life, hard work, pleasure of senses
The EmperorAriesAmbition, will, action, aggression, initiation
The HierophantTaurusStability, security, patience, steadfastness, history and roots
The LoversGeminiInteraction, playfulness, communication, inquisitiveness, connections
The ChariotCancerPower, emotion, moving forward, evolution, motivation, momentum
StrengthLeoStrength, self-confidence, vibrancy
The HermitVirgoThought, analysis, reflection, patience, adjustment
Wheel of FortuneJupiterExpansion, good luck, enthusiasm, happiness, embiggening
JusticeLibraBalance, justice, truth, decisions, precision
The Hanged ManNeptune or Elemental WaterPiscesAwareness, sensitivity, illumination, duality, mutability, expansion, integration
DeathScorpioChange, emotional, dramatic, overwhelm, expression, uninhibited emotion
TemperanceSagittariusBlending, experimentation, exploration, philosophy, optimism
The DevilCapricornRestrictions, resilience, determination, appearances, necessary action
The TowerMarsDestruction, transformation, initiative, accomplishment
The StarAquariusHope, knowledge, change, ethics, development, unmarginalization
The MoonPiscesThe MoonDepth, mystery, gestation, contradiction, lunacy, exploration, beauty in darkness
The SunThe SunThe self, expression, energy, creativity, happiness, confidence
JudgmentPluto or Elemental FireSaturnReaping what you’ve sown, boundaries, consequence, the End, realism, liberation
The WorldSaturnAllEternalism, “everything all at once”, the universe, the monad, timelessness

Image from Agnes Giberne’s The Story of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (1898).