Free Zine Friday #4

free zine friday

This morning I had to go to the DMV (Department of motor vehicles), except out here they call it the RMV (“Registry” of motor vehicles) which I will never get used to. Spent probably a good three hours all told panicking about whether I had all the info I needed to get my ID, then turns out I was already in the system so I just needed to take a picture and pay them twenty five bucks. What a waste of my life and sanity.

Luckily, there’s one particular zine that always cheers me up. I’ve been waiting for the right time to share it, and now is as good a time as any! I am immensely grateful that I’ve always got zines. They’re always there to remind me that we are not alone, we will not be quiet, and we can make art wherever we are.

Youth Culture 2000

by Mia Lin + Melissa Niles

I was double-checking their About page to see who to credit this zine to, and the first line is “It all started when Girl Tony Hawk met Goth Britney Spears.” Yeah, nothing I write could do a better job of capturing this zine than that line! It’s a fucking experience, dredging up memories I didn’t even know I had (girl tech password diary, anyone?). I’m so sick of people sharing a picture of a damn VHS tape and calling it “nostalgia” when they could be making things like this!

18 pages, color

What Do You Think You’re Doing?

by Kaiser Caimo

I think every artist today needs to read and honestly ask themselves every single question in the zine. It will completely reframe how you approach your art, how you interact with it, how you want to present it. For anyone who is overwhelmed by the prospect of sharing art, wondering where or how or when to get your work into the world, this will help you build direction. I reread this regularly to remind me why I make art, to help realign and reaffirm my values around art. Seriously, I can’t recommend this enough.

40 pages, color, website here

Wait, What Happened? #1

by Cat/Kowski

I want to give this zine to anyone who is progressive at heart but perhaps under-informed about why it’s important to be antifa and kkkop. It’s a friendly perzine with all the perzine goodies–favorite movies, chit-chat in handwriting, & wild west women. And then sandwiched in between is an awesome piece called “How I went from ‘Police Deserve Respect’ to an ACAB Tattoo” that touches on a whole bunch of different facets of US law/lessness, and how the police are designed in a way that makes “good cops” impossible. And it’s a lot easier to approach and understand than some of the denser antifacist zines out there, so it’s excellent for beginners. Really a super great perzine!

24 pages, color, website here

See you next week!