Free Zine Friday #2

free zine friday

It’s official, I’m doing Free Zine Friday and that’s that! It’s hot out and I had to do my taxes today and I’ve just been lazing around and complaining all day, but I said to myself that if this is something I want to do, I need to do it. And sharing zines is really all I want to do.

I have a bunch of zines bookmarked and favorited and squirreled away in various parts of my harddrive, so with any luck I should have enough to share for a couple months or so. If you have a free zine you just want read, of course you can shoot me an email at and I’ll put it in one of these lists.

BOYGIRL BABBLES: Issue #01: Homecoming

by Jenna (boygirlbabbles)

Okay so this is like the coolest, punkest, zine-est poetry zine I’ve ever seen. And if the term “poetry zine” made you think about passing on this zine, turn your ass right around and click this shit. This is like reading a punk scrapbook, with photos and stickers and markers and buttons and printouts and Alison Bechdel panels, all traditionally collaged in and around the super deep, super raw, fuck-your-bullshit everyday poetry. The line “scratchy guitars and tattered jeans / his raspy voice and handmade zines”… that’s everything I want to be.

16 pages, color, carrd here


by Bitter Pill Press

27 queer poets, writers, potters, photographers, digital and traditional visual artists are put together in this amazing zine about queer love–love for yourself, love for others, love for queerness in general. What’s really awesome about this zine is the way it’s put together: the layout of each page is just so beautiful and visually interesting! I don’t mind a gallery-style, plain-white-background collab zine, but the fonts and arrangements here really bring every piece to life. It feels like a truly collaborative work, with different artists sharing page space to create something even better than they’d be on their own, you know?

36 pages, color, ko-fi here

The Four Colour Theorem

by Jorge Luján Mora

This might seem like a really random zine, and it is, but it’s super fascinating! There’s this thing called the four color theorem, which is basically a theorem that states you will never need more than four colors to fill in a map such that no adjacent regions are the same color. This zine shares the theorem visually and simplifies it using these cool looking node graphs. If you’re intrigued by this theorem, there’s a game you can play to see it in action!

8 page minizine, b&w, Twitter here

See you next week!